One of the tasks carried out by our Institution is to conduct clinical trials at the request of the sponsors of these trials, that is – most of the time – pharmaceutical companies interested in launching a new drug on the market or in further research on the already registered medicine.

After the patient agrees to participate in the study (the patient personally signs and dates, approved by competent institution consent for the participation in the study), the so-called screening process begins. It may be a bit burdensome for the patient, however its purpose is to evaluate patient’s current health status. During this process, a number of tests are conducted, including laboratory tests. Both Principal Investigator and the sponsor need to make sure that the patient is safe in the study, as far as possible.

If the patient qualifies for the study, he or she starts receiving the study medication. The appointments are carried out according to a strictly set schedule, which we always consult with the patient.

What is very important is that the tested medicine and the clinical trial activities are free of charge. In the event of an unexpected deterioration in the state of health, the patient is subjected to standard medical procedures.

Our Institution specializes in clinical trials in neurological indications and in Alzheimer’s disease.

It is now planned to extend the therapeutic areas of our clinical trials to include internal diseases, dermatology, psychiatry and rheumatology.

We invite interested patients to contact our Institution.