—  immunosuppressive:


—  immunomodulatory:

First line: Interferony, Copaxon

Second line: Natalizumab, Fingolimod, Daclizumab, Ocrelizumab, Kwas Fumarowy

registered or during registration for the treatment of MS

Immunomodulatory treatment is based on sponsored drugs in clinical trials.

Each patient who reports to our Institution is guaranteed disease-modifying treatment aimed at reducing the frequency of relapses, stopping the progression of physical, emotional and cognitive disability and thus at maintaining the ability to function in everyday or even professional life.

For each patient we develop and implement an individual treatment based on:

—  duration of the disease

—  previous treatment and its effectiveness

—  form of the disease: relapsing-remitting; secondary progressive, primary progressive, progressive with relapses

—  disease activity

—  degree of physical disability

—  general health and comorbidities

—  meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria for treatment with the given drug

If the used drug is ineffective and/or any of the following occurs: relapse, progression of disability, adverse events – we stop the treatment and after a period of 1-6 months we include another drug.